Small businesses, startups, and founders have products and services to worry about. While top-notch marketing is essential for brand growth, it’s not usually their strength or passion—and that’s ok. Shauna Armitage is the marketer for innovative brands who are ready to build communities and increase revenue. Your own virtual CMO.

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Looking at the Big Picture

Traditional marketing. Pull marketing. Inbound marketing. Digital marketing. (Insert your buzzword of choice here). Even in the digital age, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to successfully market a business. That’s why Shauna is a not a digital marketer—she’s a holistic marketer. So what is holistic marketing exactly? It’s an approach that examines all methods of marketing and charts a custom strategy that optimizes success for your unique brand.

Strategy Just For Your Brand

Strategy is pivotal in creating a disruption in your industry. Your business won’t be successful following a marketing checklist that everyone else is following. This is why Shauna provides a complete marketing audit along with a detailed custom plan for not only your digital marketing efforts, but for networking, outreach, campaigns, and special events—basically anything you’ll need to create the kind of brand awareness that translates into sales.

More Than Marketing

You won’t get just a creative marketing strategy— you get the down-to-earth support you need to make your own moxie and conquer brand growth. Shauna provides a discovery session followed by regular consultations, as well as updates to your strategy at least once a month. The guidance she provides will actively support your journey of growth, while monitoring your data and analytics. Shauna will work with you to develop your sales funnel, devise unique campaigns, and create detailed execution plans so the work gets done right.

Shauna Armitage is acutely observant with an insatiable drive to help her clients succeed by whatever means necessary. She did amazingly well at keeping our projects on track when we worked with her, communicating frequently and openly with us to keep us in the know about everything that was going on. As a business savvy, level headed entrepreneur and highly motivated individual with a big heart, I highly recommend Shauna to anyone!

Meg Delagrange

Marketing Director, Urban Southern

Shauna Armitage is a delight to work with. She is creative, knowledgable, and responsiveconsistently offering sound wisdom and strategy for our organization. We love the care she takes in getting to know our brand, thinking outside the box with smart and effective ideas that help us reach our target audience.

Justin and Jennifer Camp

Co-Executive Directors, Gather Ministries

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